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#5030 36"x19"x26" $80

Buy any 2 pieces get a 3rd piece FREE!!!
(Lowest price piece is free and applies to manzanita only)

What you see in the picture is the actual piece or pieces you will receive.

I generally ship every other day. With the EXTRA LARGE pieces it is easier to calculate the shipping manually. The most cost effective way to ship these big pieces is by Greyhound bus. Please use the "Contact us" link above to e-mail me your zip code so I can look up the nearest station to you and calculate a shipping quote. 

Pieces are shown wet to show a more natural coloration. The measurement for each piece is listed there next to the picture in the LxWxH format. Pieces are measured from the widest points which is usually a thinner branch. So if a piece is only a few inches to big for your tank it can usually be trimmed most of the time without loosing any of it's style. Trimming can be easily done with pliers, snips, saws, or even scissors.

They are pressure washed at 1500+ PSI to remove all dirt or left over bark. They are NOT sandblasted, sandblasting tends to leave the Manzanita with a grainy texture.

Manzanita that is intended be used in the aquarium should be treated like any other driftwood. Leaching is expected but not as much as most other types of wood. Pieces will sink in 3-4 days on average depending on their size.

Any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask