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Nothing makes an aquarium stand out like the perfect decorations. We try and create an enviornment in our aquariums that is not only visually pleasing for us but also provides its inhabatants with as naturalistic of an enviornment as possible. By using Rocks, Woods, & Live Plants we are giving them places to hide, places to feed, even places to breed. These actions are all important to aquatic life and allows them to do what it is they would be doing in nature. Therefore giving them and us as much enjoyment as possible from this EXTREAMLY addictive hobby. contact us

Seiryu style scaping stones may raise your ph a bit.

I have lots of Seiryu Stones available I am selling these by the pound. I don't have individual pictures of all the stones I am selling them at $3lb shipping is generally $11 for a medium flat rate box. Below are a few example pics of some groups I put together and a few photos from the net as set up examples.

There is 2 yard sticks in the pic for a size reference. These are all very beautiful stones! (US Shipping price, outside the us PM me for a quote)

5lb is $26 shipped
10lb is $41 shipped
15lb is $56 shipped
20lb is $71 shipped

Larger amounts are available, email me for a shipping quote on larger amounts.

Here are some example pics of what can be done with this stone.





Shipping is done the Monday or Tuesday following payment.
Postal M.O. and Pay-pal are welcomed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.



Some trades will be welcomed, I will mainly be looking for the items on the list below.......

  • Dwarf Shrimp

  • L-Group Plecos

  • Aquarium Supplies

  • contact us with any offers that you may have. Even if not on my list, worst thing I can say is no thank you.