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Manzanita Wedding Tree Branches/Centerpieces

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Avg shipping is $15(in the US) all depends on weight,size, and distance from Southern California. To place a order use the contact button and send me your zip and item us

What you see in the picture is the actual piece or pieces you will recieve.


All info about each picture is above the picture and all pieces are measured from the widest points (LxWxH) which is usually a thin branch. So if a piece is only a few inches to big for your tank it can be trimmed most of the time without loosing it's style. Trimming can be easily done with pliers, snips, saws, or even scissors.
Updated 4-19-17

#SW3281 36"x11"x14" $30 [IMG][/IMG] #SW3288 23"x14"x12" $25 [IMG][/IMG] #SW3292 17"x13"x14" $20 [IMG][/IMG] #SW3293 22"x7"x9" $20 [IMG][/IMG] #SW3294 23"x7"x13" $25 [IMG][/IMG] #SW3295 32"x9"x8" $25 (2 PIECES) [IMG][/IMG] #SW3296 26"x10"x12" $25 (2 PIECES) [IMG][/IMG] #SW3297 18"x13"x11" $25 (2 PIECES) [IMG][/IMG] #SW3298 22"x9"x9" $25 (3 PIECES) [IMG][/IMG]

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