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Manzanita Wedding Tree Branches/Centerpieces

Customers Aquariums

I really enjoy seeing the pieces I create become such crucial focal points in the aquariums that they end up in. Below you will find many beautiful photos that customers have sent me of their aquariums after adding Manzanita.
Thank you to all for the shots!
If you would like your aquarium added here please don't hesitate to send me a photo of yours!
Tank owner: Dave Green

Tank owner: Shrimpnmoss from TPT (The Lost Temple)

Tank owner: Discus-Noob from SD

Tank owner: TickleMyElmo from TPT

Tank owner: TactusMortus from TPT

Tank owner: Uptown193 from TPT

Tank owner: hsunami from SD

Tank owner: Zchauvin from SD

Tank owner: Capsaicin_MFK from TPT

Tank owner: Overstocked from TPT

Tank owner: Rummy from SD

Tank owner: X2H from SD

Tank owner: Wong Hon Kit

Tank owner: Peathenster from SD

Tank owner: Bugman from SD