5 Zebra Nerite Snails

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Nerite snails are algae CHOW HOUNDS! Zebra nerite are small but very pretty tank additions that are plant safe. Avg size is approx 1/2", nice youngsters!

They will be shipped in a Kordon Breather bag inside of a styro lined box with a heat pack if needed.

$15 flat rate shipping no matter how much you buy which covers PRIORITY MAIL 2-3 day. Overnight is available and starts at $35

Shipping is generally done on Tuesdays, and occasionally Wednesdays

BE SURE SOMEONE IS AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE THE PACKAGE. I package extremely well but in harsh weather packaging can only go so far to protect them.

DOA Policy (Rare but still need to address it)
Priority Mail... Doa will be replaced or credit given. Replacement shipping paid by buyer.
Overnight Mail... Doa will be refunded
I pack my packages very well so buy with confidence!

1. Picture of unopened bag within 2 hours of delivery. (NO exceptions must be unopened bag)
2. If your temp is under 30 or over 90 Priority has no live arrival guarantee, only with overnight shipping for higher or lower temp areas.
(I pack very well but extreme temps are tough to protect against with USPS I HIGHLY recommend OVERNIGHT for these areas

Do not float your breather bag! Breather bags are designed to release CO2 and absorb O2 putting them in the water gre atly reduces this ability.

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    Zebra snails

    Posted by Katie NC on Jan 16th 2018

    I was nervous about opening the box... once I did I found all 4 walls lined in Styrofoam and a heat pad taped to the top. After taking out all the loose insulation I found what looked like a vacuum sealed bag with the snails inside. I did not float the bag but added my tank water to the water they were in and within 1 minute the snails were out and climbing on each other. Due to activity and thinking they may be hungry I rushed the acclimation and placed them in with my 2 male bettas in 2 separate tanks. Immediately they were off and looking for food. I bought 2 snails from a local pet store a few days earlier and they did not move for hours. These snails arrived health, hungry, and active....sassy enough for aggressive male bettas! Thanks for a great cleaning crew! The largest snail even went nose to nose with my older, larger, more aggressive betta and I had to put my hand in the tank and move the snail

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    5 Zebra Nerite Snails

    Posted by John Lomaga on Nov 7th 2017

    Came in excellent health, when placed in my tank they all quickly dispersed throughout. They appear quite happy and you can find them in different spots everyday.