Botanical package #3


(only 9 left)

This package will include 1 oz of each Casorina pods (approx 40-50), Palm Petals (approx 10), Pear Pods (approx 10) , 1 Samrong Pod, & a pack of Guava leaves (approx 10).  Botanicals serve as decoration and as food for shrimp and aquarium fish, As they age they grow biofilms, release tannins, have bactericidal and fungicidal effects in the water as well as promote breeding, reduce stress and improve coloration of most animals. Being a natural product they can vary slightly from the pictures but the pictures are a very good example of what you will receive.

To prepare them you should boil these for at least 15 - 20 minutes in order to release some of the initial tannins and help them sink Quickly. 

FREE shipping with any driftwood.

Shipping is in a Small Flat Rate Priority box. Pods, Cones, & Leaves are delicate so a small Flat Rate box gives much more protection vs. First class